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1.Can I be a Camlis model?

2. How do I register ?

In order to be a model in Camlis you need to follow the below steps.

1. How much will I earn?

2. Payment cycle

3. Payout options

4. Refer a member

5. Rules

Model FAQ
1. Can I be a Camlis model?
• Models need to be between 18-45 years of age.
• Currently we accept only females
• Models can reside anywhere they want as long as it’s legal to engage in adult webcam in their country although from time to time we may block users from certain countries based on our sole discretion.
• Please note- you are not an employee of Camlis. All models appearing on the site are independent contractors.
• You need to be healthy and have a decent hygiene to perform on the site. We may decide to block your account if we see inappropriate issues.
• Models do not have to be nude during their performance. Models can decide what to do in the webcam performance.
• The following activities forbidden during webcam performance forced or violent sex, child pornography, any presentation of minors, incest, rape, torture, defecation or urination and any way of sex involving bold.
2. How do I register ?
How do I register ?
a. Application
• First fill the application form in model signup page . Once you submit the form we will review it.
• Please note that you must use your real details, full name and photos (add files or links), valid ID, date of birth, address and your email.
• As well you should describe yourself. After you have completed the form, please submit the form. We will review the form and do our best to confirm your account or ask for further details within 12-24 hours.
• Once your account has been created you will receive log in details to enter the account and fill the needed information and review the relevant guideline and terms which you will need to approve before going live.
• The model agreement is a legally binding agreement so please read it carefully.
b. Completing the model profile
• At this point you can review our terms of use, guidelines and payment information.
• You can add more information and photos to your profile
• The more information you add the better chances you have to come up on member search.
• More photos will get you a better chance for member to view your profile and decide to chat with you.
• You should choose you main photo. This photo will appear on your profile and all searches as your profile photo. Other photos will appear as gallery photos.
• The main photo must be your real facial photo and not anyone else or a photo of an object. You must be alone in this photo.
• Main photo cannot be an explicit photo. It cannot carry any watermarks or any text.
• At this point you will also choose your model name which will identify you on the site.
• The main photo can be added from your photo library in your computer or by taking a facial webcam shot of you.
c. How do I choose my Model name
• Model name needs to be 5 letters or more and can contain also numbers but must begin with a letter.
• Names may also include symbols like @,#, !, ?, &, etc.
• Names cannot be illegal, offensive or abusive in any form and cannot indicate the model is minor (e.g. littlegirl)
• Model sorting is not done alphabetically but by other parameters decided solely by Camlis and related to the models performance, rating and other.
• We will review the name you choose and may decide not to approve it, or if it is already taken you will need to choose a new name.
• You can change your model name but it may be a long process.
d. Documentation
• While completing your registration please note you must use your real details.
• In order to have a valid account you need to upload during the registration process at least one government-issued ID that contains your name as used on the registration form, date of birth and photo.
• The photo ID must match the photos used on the site.
• We may check the ID and if it is not 100% clear we may ask for an alternative ID.
• We do not accept ID copies in fax. You must upload a digital scan of the ID.
• We will review your documents and try to get back to confirm your account or ask for further details within 12-24 hours.
• Once your documentation and forms are approved you may perform live.

Model Payment FAQ
1. How much will I earn?
• Your earnings depend on how much time you spend performing on webcam and how many tokens you receive from members.
• A model can make even $25,000 per month if she is very successful but many models make $1000’s per month.
• Members buy tokens which is the currency of the site. Each token they pay you is worth $0.0475 USD (five American cents)
• You can earn token in tips during a free show or by doing private/spy/group performance, or when members pay for items you sell on the site like video, image etc.
• Please use the below chart to review your payout options and user costs
Session type Rate/minute Token Value Model earnings (USD)
Private show 60 tokens per minute $0.0475 $2.85/minute
Voyeur/Spy show 20 tokens per minute $0.0475 $0.95/minute*
Group show 10 tokens per minute $0.0475 $0.475/minute*
True Private show 80 tokens per minute $0.0475 $3.80/minute
Tips n/a $0.0475 $0.0475/minute
* For Spy and group show model earnings are multiplied with the number of users in room.
• A model in a private show with 60 tokens/min with one more member spying, would earn 60+20=80 tokens per minute which equals a rate of $4.00 per minute plus any tips she received during that show.
• Models can always change their rate and go lower or higher than the specified prices depending on personal preferences.
• Your payouts and earnings are updated every hour and appear on your account stats. Once you see your earnings move to the payout it means the money has been paid.
Referrals: for referrals, meaning new member that registered through your referral link, you will receive 6.75 cents per token that member spent in your video chat.
2. Payment cycle
• We pay twice a month in the beginning and the middle of each calendar month.
• You can change your payment information through your model account.
3. Payout options
a. Payoneer
• We don’t charge you for the Payoneer payment.
• Minimum payout: $50
• Up to 24 hours following payment day
• In order to be paid through Payoneer you need to have a Payoneer account. You can apply for one and typically in takes 2-3 days to get approved and another 2-3 weeks to get the card shipped to your address.
b. Bank wire transfer
• Cost: $20
• Minimum payout: $100
• Time to receive payment: 2-4 business days.
• You will need to enter the following information to receive a bank wire payout : Bank name, Full bank address, Name on the account, Address of the person of account holder, Account number or IBAN, SWIFT or BIC code.
c. Checks
• You can get paid by a check sent to your address. Not that checks are not the quickest or safest way to get paid.
• We charge per check $6 plus any FedEx fees in case you need faster shipping of the check.
• That fee is depends on the address where the check is sent to.
4. Refer a member
• Camlis offers its models the option to refer a member to the site. In that case you will get a higher payout for that member for all the tokens he spent in your room. The payout will be 80% higher. So instead of getting a 60% base average your payout will be 80%.
• All you need to do is to make sure that member used your referral link when he signed up for the site.
5. Rules
Models must follow these rules as well as all guideline and terms in the model agreement
• No Spamming. You may not spam your referral link in any way.
• Do not post your referral link in inappropriate sites especially site intended for minors.
• No referring from Camlis. You cannot tell Camlis guests to open a new account using your referral link allowed.
• Note that not all referrals will count. A user which already had an account in the system will not count as referral. As well our system tries to determine legitimate referrals from fraud.
• No fraud, abuse or cheating. If you try to fraud, cheat or abuse the system, your account may be suspended, blocked or deleted.
Disclaimer: This website contains adult material, all persons appearing on the website have guaranteed that they are at least 18 years old.
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