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About Camlis
What is Camlis ?
Camlis is a site enabling high-end video chat between individuals. In Camlis you can watch amateurs and porn stars live from anywhere in the world. We are proud in our cutting edge technology and features. All video chat communication done on the site is live. You can do free video chat. No account is needed. Recorded shows are also available if your favourite performer is offline. Each performer has its own bio page where you can learn more about her or him and see also their schedule and likes, as well as watch their photos and videos. You can search models around you, or anywhere in the world with our simple search tool. Our Search allows you multiple search filters to specify exactly what you are looking for in seconds. You can go online yourself; all you need is an internet connection and a webcam. Some activity on the site is paid. All prices are disclosed before you enter a paid activity. We charge with tokens that you buy in advance. Token are charged per service or per minute depending what activity you choose. .
Camlis mobile
Camlis is also available on most smart phones including iphone, android and windows phones. You can enjoy in on the go. Don’t wait to get home. Try us anywhere, anytime on our mobile site with the same URL.
Search the site
Each performer has its own bio page where you can learn more about her or him and see also their schedule and likes, as well as watch their photos and videos.

You can search models around you, or anywhere in the world with our simple search tool. Our Search allows you multiple search filters to specify exactly what you are looking for in seconds.

You can search by language, location, age, gender, weight, looks and many other parameters. As well keyword search is an option based on keywords from the model’s bio page.
Are all cameras live?
Yes. All webcam streams are live. We do offer recorded video chats but those are clearly marked as recorded shows. Unlike recorded videos, in live stream you will be able to interact with the model. As well you can do two ways streaming and view each other live.
Video chat basics
Each model needs an internet connection and a webcam in order to stream her video feed. Our platform enables multiple models to show their stream to multiple users. We enable multi public chat and private chat. Member then can log in to the website and watch those live streams. A browser flash plug-in is needed to watch live stream. This is usually automatically detected by your browser. This is very common piece of software.
How can I communicate with models?
During the video chat you can also type (text) and chat (voice) with the performer if you have your camera turned on. If your camera is off you may only hear the model if she has her microphone on. The voice option is available only in private chat with the performer.

You will see the live stream on the right side and chat on the left side. You can write and add emoticons to your text messages. Hit the ‘send’ button to send the messages. Once the message is sent it will appear in the chat box. Please note that in public chat your messages may be seen by other users or members.

 You can use the text/chat system to send special requests to the model. Hit the "Send" button or your enter key to send the message.

Models are not obligated to fulfil the member’s requests. It’s their choice. If you don’t like the show given by the model you can end the chat. This is your choice. Remember the model is a real person broadcasting for you, in order to make you a satisfied customer. Be respectful to the model and you are most likely to get the best show!
How do I end the chat?
At any point during the chat you can end the chat by simply clicking the “end chat” button. If that was a paid session than ending the chat will end the billing. You can also return to the chat or review the performer, or look for other models to chat with.
What happens if I am disconnected during paid chat?

Your Camlis account
What is my user name used for?
Upon registration you will choose your user name. This user name will identify you when you interact with models. You can change that user name later on through settings.
What types of users are there?
We have 3 types of users. Before creating your free account you are a guest. You are assigned with a random chat name but have no account. Once you create your free account you are a basic member. After making your first token purchase on the site you are a premium member.
What are favorites?
You can add any model as your favorite. This will allow you quick access to their bio and chat. Your favourite list is accessible from a link on the footer and you can also quickly check which favourite model is online. To add a favourite you need to add the model from her bio or her chat page as your favourite. All you need to do is click “add to favourites”. You can also remove the model from your favourite list. Once a model is in the list an icon to remove her will appear in her chat page or bio page. By clicking that icon you will remove her from your favourite list.
I forgot my user name or password. What should I do?
If you forget your user name or password, you can hit the ‘forgot user name/password’ link in the login page. We will than ask for your email and once it’s been verified as a member’s email we will email you the login details. You can also contact our customer support for further assistance.
How do I change my password?
You can change your password easily. We recommend you keep your password in a secure place and not share it with others. To change your password please click here.
How do I close my account?
Camlis's basic services are free of charge and we do not charge a monthly fee. However, if you would like to close your account anyway, please go to My Account Settings.
Who do I contact if I need further help?
For any questions not answered here, please contact support.

Billing Support
What are tokens?
Tokens are the billing units we use. The tokens have an exchange convert shown in the billing page before they are purchased. Once you have purchased tokens you can spend them on chat, videos, tips, photos and more. All paid actions are pre disclosed to you before you decide to spend tokens.
How can I purchase tokens?
Simply go to “Buy more Tokens” page to add more tokens to your account. Please note we may limit the amount of tokens you can buy, before you spend the tokens you already purchased. This will be based on your activity in the site. Purchase is available via debit card, credit card and wire.
Why was my token purchase declined?
There could be several different reasons why your card might get declined. Please make sure you have enough available funds on the card. As well make sure you entered the correct card information when making the purchase. Some banks may block online transactions, if they have abnormal or suspicious patterns. Please contact your bank to clarify their payment policy. If the problem still exists please contact us.
How can I check my token balance?
On every page on the top right hand side navigation you can see your current token balance.
What will appear on my credit card statement?
We care about your privacy. In your statement our billing will appear as ‘Praestone Limited’.
Purchase receipt
Each time you make a token purchase you will receive an email from Camlis with confirmation of that purchase. Make sure you have added Camlis to your safe address list so our email will not go to your spam folder.
My purchase date doesn’t match the statement date. Why ?
That may happen due to the fact that some banks deduct the amount later than the date it really occurred. This may cause a time gap between the purchase date and the date that appears in your card statement.
Are there purchase limits?
New users have certain limits we put on amounts of purchased tokens. As you increase your activity on the site we will raise those limits based on our experience. If you would like to be able to spend more time in the chat each day, you may submit a request to Customer Support to raise your limit. We will consider the request and may ask you for more information before we approve it.
Can I use a prepaid card?
Yes, we accept prepaid cards from many major card issuers (i.e. Mastercard, Visa etc. etc). After you join all you need to do is go to “buy more tokens” and enter your pre paid card information. Once it’s authorized you will receive your tokens and you can start chatting.
How can i get more Billing support?
How can i get more Billing support?

Technical Support
Do I need special software to watch the live stream?
Most browsers will automatically detect if you have that plug in already installed and if you don’t they will offer a link to install it. For most browsers use this link to install the plug in. Once the plug in has been installed you will be able to view the live stream.

To view chat and video on your mobile device, your mobile device must have built-in Flash support.

We also recommend that you enable JavaScript on your web browser. This will allow for a better user experience when browsing our site. JavaScript is enabled in your browser settings.

To enable JavaScript in IE9, go to Tools -> Internet Options. Select the Security Tab and click on the “Custom Level” button. Scroll down to the “Scripting” category and enable “Scripting of Java Applets”. To enable JavaScript in FireFox 3+, click on the Tools menu and select Options. In the Options window, select the Content tab. Check the box next to “Enable JavaScript”.

If you have any problem with viewing the chat and/or video, please contact Support.
What happens if I am disconnected during paid chat?
Technology issues are rare but may happen. In case you got disconnected during a chat, please try to log in again after a few minutes. Your billing with stop at the moment the chat was disconnected. If for any reason you are unable to reconnect please contact support.

Privacy Questions
How you keep my information safe?
All our forms on the site are using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) secure script. This means all your information in safely encrypted. No one except our trained staff has access to your information.

Camlis staff will never ask for your password or payment information in a chat room. Keep this information safe and do not share it with other members or models. The models cannot see your password or payment information.

If anyone is asking you for private information please contact us so we will be able to deal with that.
What do you do with my information?
We will not pass to any third party your private information.
We need your email to validate your membership. We will use this email to contact when needed you and let you enjoy the site. Your email is not shown to others on the site.
Disclaimer: This website contains adult material, all persons appearing on the website have guaranteed that they are at least 18 years old.
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